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Pre-Purchase Report | Detailed Overview

The report is carried out in a specific manor, using non destructive testing, visual inspection and technical equipment such as the Thermal Imaging Technology to find faults in the vessels structure as well as electrical and mechanical faults not visible to the naked eye and with standard procedures.

The Pre Purchase report includes:

Identifying the vessel and its major components by using HIN (Hull Identification Numbers), Registration and Serial numbers where available.

Identifying any defects, damage and previous repairs where visible by non destructive methods and the the use of Thermal Imaging Technology

Evaluating the structural integrity of the hull (internal and exterior), deck and superstructure by non destructive methods and the the use of Thermal Imaging Technology

Reporting on the condition of the mast spars and all rigging components to eye level, unless a full rig inspection is included in the Work Agreement

Sails will  be raised and unfurled during sea trial, any sails stored below we be removed and inspected.

Reporting on the machinery installation and the condition of the engine(s) as far as can be ascertained from their operation during a Sea Trial.This does Not include a full Mechanical Survey including Compression Test , Oil Samples and Removal of Legs/outdrives for further and more detailed inspection unless Mechanical Inspection is included in the Work Agreement.

Report on the installation of the fuel, LPG and water systems including tankage and plumbing.

Report on the electrical installation and operation, both AC and DC including the use of Thermal Imaging Technology

Report on the Navigation systems and their operation at the time of inspection.

Report on the overall condition of the fit out, furnishings and covers related to the vessel

In addition to the Standard Pre Purchase report, the client may require or be advised to have a more detailed inspection on and not included in our standard fee at any time during the inspection.
These include:

Engines/Legs/Outdrives and Generators to include Compression tests, Legs and Out Drives removed and inspected and oil samples taken.

Rigging including Standing Rigging, Halyards, Pole attachments and spreader attachments above eye level . This Report is conducted by being hoisted up the Rig in a Boson’s Chair.

Any Personal items or Safety equipment maybe mentioned in the report, but its condition will not be reported on, it is always up to the owner of the vessel to have up to-date and serviced Safety, First Aid and Fire fighting equipment.
In addition the Vendor should make it clear to the Purchaser what personal equipment is remaining on board.
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